Object Lessons by Stephanie Kane
Little Things Count in Stephanie Kane's New Crime Book, Object Lessons

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Object Lessons

Can little crimes inspire big ones?

 When Adam and Eve Castle bring their miniature dioramas to Denver to train cops in crime-scene investigation, a string of baffling murders follows. Called in to solve the crimes depicted in the dioramas, paintings conservator Lily Sparks discerns connections between them and the real murders which draw her into the orbit of a killer intent on going from master of a tiny universe to playing God.Each diorama parallels a real crime. But why is the killer reenacting the diorama murders on a life-sized stage? Are the dioramas roadmaps for the crimes, or are the victims being targeted based on the homes and lifestyles the dioramas represent? To catch the killer, Lily must now embark on a deadly new game of house played by a psychopath’s rules.

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Object Lessons is Stephanie Kane’s third crime novel set in the art world featuring Lily Sparks. It follows Automat and A Perfect Eye.

"A whodunit that delivers an excellent gallery of characters and captivating historical tidbits."
~Kirkus Review
“Object Lessons” is the third in Kane’s successful Lily Sparks series, and the best so far. Denverites will enjoy Kane’s many references to local restaurants and neighborhoods, and readers in general will be absorbed in this tightly written mystery with all its twists and turns. Kane comes through again with a whodunnit that is a delight to read.”
~Denver Post


Automat by Stephanie Kane


Who is the enigmatic woman in Edward Hopper’s famous painting, Automat? When the young actress playing her is brutally murdered at the launch of The Denver Art Museum’s blockbuster Hopper exhibition, Conservator of Paintings Lily Sparks feels compelled to use her special gift of discernment to solve the crime. Her perfect eye tells her that just as the celebrated artist kept painting the same iconic woman, the killer must keep killing her.

The stony blonde in Hopper’s paintings never aged. As Lily’s hunt takes her from the artist’s early years in Paris to her own museum’s exhibition to the theatrical company bringing the paintings to life, she realizes the man in Hopper’s paintings also holds clues to the killer’s identity. Is stepping into a painting herself the only way Lily can stop him?

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Automat is Stephanie Kane’s second crime novel set in the art world featuring Lily Sparks. It follows A Perfect Eye, which Kirkus Reviews calls, “An artistic thriller that will keep readers guessing.”

“Kane delivers yet again for fans of fine art and whodunnits.”
~Kirkus Review
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"Wonderfully disorientating"
~Cereal At Midnight
“Automat is an intriguing mystery, and you will also learn a lot about artist Edward Hopper.”
“Automat is an intense drama that keeps you on the edge of your seat.”

A Perfect Eye Awards

Finalist for Colorado Authors League, Willa Literary and National Indie Excellence Awards!

A perfect Eye by Stephanie Kane

Catch up with Lily Sparks in

A Perfect Eye

Some are born with a perfect palate, others with perfect pitch. Lily Sparks was born with a perfect eye. As Conservator of Paintings at the Denver Art Museum, she uses her keen visual powers to restore masterpieces and detect what’s authentic and what is not. When the museum’s billionaire benefactor is brutally murdered and Lily is dragged into the case, the grisly tableau stuns her: it’s the human embodiment of the museum’s prized landscape by famed Impressionist Gustave Caillebotte

“An artistic thriller that will keep readers guessing and please the author’s fans.”
~Kirkus Review
“Lily Sparks’ keen powers of observation and Stephanie Kane’s snappy, hard-edged writing make for a highly original mystery that provides a whole gallery full of heart-pounding chills.”
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